Mail Tracking

agMaxMail Unlimited Mail Tracking allows you to know where your direct mail piece is within the postal system.

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What is Unlimited Mail Tracking?

agMaxMail with Unlimited Mail Tracking allows us to leverage information gathered by the U.S. Postal Service as it tracks mail pieces from induction to delivery using the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB). Using your agMaxMail dashboard you can see for yourself, how your campaign has progressed. Track the percentage of mail that has arrived and understand when the mail was received by the post office and when it will reach the targeted mailbox.

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Why Mail Tracking is Important.

The ability to track the length of time communications are in the mail and knowing when they will be delivered offers enormous benefits. By understanding delivery patterns, we help you can adjust drop dates to ensure communications arrive at the desired times. Delivery information can be used to trigger other events that can lead to an increased number of respondents. Your team will be prepared to manage campaign follow-up and the increased volume of phone calls, emails, or leads.